Known Issues

This software is new and the rules are complex. Although everything should work fine, there may be cases that have not been tested.

There are some things I know about already:

- It doesn't take into account counter limits for the alien player. It also doesn't put maximums of how many alien ships can be in a group. If Jim lets me know what the rules would be, I can integrate them. 

- Although it has original art files included, the programme could still be prettier to look at. I used a window-building toolkit that simply is not up to it and are some small things I could make nicer if its worth the time (resizing of window, alignment of unrevealed fleets...). Next time, a different tool. 

-The programme is new, and it hasn't had thousands of users or a big testing team behind it. If anything strange happens, please let me know what you think was wrong and send me the log. I may or may not be able to resolve it, but I'm always grateful for the info.

© Roger Nash 2011