What is this all about?

Do you know about Space Empires 4X? It's a new boardgame from GMT, designed by Jim Krohn. And it's fantastic. If you haven't got this game, don't waste your time here - go get it. If you have, keep reading...

One of the great things about this game, is that it comes with solitaire rules, so if it's 3 o'clock in the morning and you're only one up for another game, no problem! Just crack it out again and fight them aliens.

But.... there's one problem. Jim's done a great job of creating rules that control the decisions of the alien players. But they're pretty complicated. You can spend a lot of time looking at charts and rolling dice. And you're probably going to get it wrong.

But... there's an answer! I've been so impatient waiting for my copy of SE4X to arrive that I've spent the time writing up a program that simulates the alien behaviour - exactly as Jim has specified. The Alien Automator can do all the hard work, while you just enjoy the game. So what does it do...?

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